2 Day All on 4/6 Course Full Surgical & Prosthetic Protocol – New York

2 Day All on 4/6 course

Full surgical & prosthetic protocol and Guided full arch immediate implant reconstruction

October 17-18th, 2019 New York
16 CE
Course fee $2500
Max 35 Participants
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Course Overview

Maxillary and mandibular arches present with varying degrees of atrophy. Often, the patient is either unwilling or unable to undergo surgical procedures due to a multitude of factors, including preexisting medical conditions, financial barriers, prolonged treatment completion time and poorly predictable outcomes.

Modern techniques of totally edentulous jaw rehabilitation involve advanced surgical procedures with special implants which have a high success rate when performed by a well-trained team. Such advanced procedures allow the patient to avoid complicated bone grafting surgery and receive fixed immediate restorations on the day of surgery.

This course is presented in a series of lectures with detailed audiovisual presentations focused on clinically relevant aspects of surgical and prosthetic implant dentistry.

Course subjects include patient selection criteria, diagnosis, treatment planning, surgical & prosthetic protocols, occlusion, complication management, long term patient follow-up and additional relevant topics.

The material will be delivered to the participants with predictable, clinically proven and evidence-based treatment concepts for the advanced management of the totally edentulous patient.

Step-by-step syllabus with practical tips and skills will be included in this unique and comprehensive course, with detailed procedural protocol from implant placement to temporization, impression and final prosthesis.

This clinically based interdisciplinary course will focus on the integration of surgical, restorative and laboratory disciplines, combined with digital technology to provide an easy approach for complete guided large and full mouth immediate implant placement.

Video-recorded surgeries and comprehensive hands-on workshops are included.


Dr. Yossi Kaplavi
Dr. Cleber Silva
Course Fee: $2,500

Location 1601 Broadway 6th floor, New York, NY 10019

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